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BS EN TEST is one of the leading providers of testing services to the Construction Sector in Malaysia. Our dedicated team specializes in provision of testing for a range of diverse range of building materials and our years of experience.


The trusted testing laboratory partner.


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Integrity, Commitment & Efficiency are our core values that guide us in all we do to build our organization

Testing Services

BS EN is an accredited laboratory conducting a full range of construction materials testing in accordance with MS, BS, MS EN/BS EN and ASTM methods. In addition, our skilled engineers provide professional advice and technical support based on their knowledge of the properties and composition of the different types of construction materials to ensure full satisfaction in your finished construction project.

We operate a comprehensive equipped material testing laboratory specifically devoted to the testing and analysis of construction materials. We provide comprehensive tests for aggregate, concrete, cement, admixture, water, repair and building materials.

Aggregate Testing

Aggregate testing plays a vital role in the construction project by providing owners, designers, contractors, and suppliers with valuable information throughout a project’s progress.

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Concrete Testing

Concrete is the world's most widely used architectural medium, owing to its incredible versatility.

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Cement Testing

Cement is one of the most critical materials used in construction. The strength of a structure depends on several factors; cement quality is one of them.

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Asphalt Premix Testing

New technologies, increased construction liability and revised building standards have made quality asphalt testing and inspection integral to the successful completion of today’s construction projects.

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Soil Testing

As the primary structural foundation for almost all construction, soil materials play an essential role in the ultimate success of a project.

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Water Testing

Water used for making concrete can be obtained from various sources. Other than the public water, all source of water shall be tested in accordance to BS EN 1008.

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Admixtures Testing

Admixtures are ingredients that are added to the concrete batch immediately before or during mixing.

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Rock Testing

Rock testing is performed to determine the strength and elastic properties of intact specimens and the potential for degradation and disintegration of the rock material.

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Precast Unit Testing

Whether quarried or cast products must comply with current building codes, standards, and specifications, which can require the support of a testing laboratory.

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Mechanical Testing

We have comprehensive testing facilities to perform a wide range of mechanical testing

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Site Services

We provide site testing service for concrete, non- destructive testing and in-situ soil testing to ensure adherence to standards.

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